Luxury Handmade Authentic Garden Sussex Trugs

Our lovely luxury handmade authentic Garden Sussex Trugs are made by a traditional British craftsman in Sussex who was trained by the best! 

Made from Sweet Chestnut with clefts of willow and finished with linseed oil, these hand crafted Trugs are made with great skill and are completely authentic.

We are proud to be able to offer these fabulous luxury Trugs to our discerning customers who appreciate good quality products which will last for years.

Various sizes available. Also available in a small round shape.
  • Handmade using young coppiced Sweet Chestnut with clefts of willow
  • Finished with a coat of linseed oil.
  • No 3 : Length 34 cm, Width 17 cm
  • No 5: Length 46 cm, Width 23 cm
  • No 6: Length 51 cm, Width 25 cm
  • No.7: Length 56 cm, Width 28 cm